weddinspiration: online RSVPs.

You’ve probably read the title of this post and started to think, “Why would a wedding invitation/graphic designer ever endorse online RSVPs?” Let me explain.

To begin with, I will admit that I LOVE traditional correspondence. There’s just something so personal about receiving a piece of mail, handwritten, on beautiful stationery. But, let’s face it – when your planning a wedding all of the little costs add up and sometimes it pays to go all out in some areas and save in others. I believe it pays to spend a little bit extra on absolutely gorgeous paper invitations but I also believe (and this is a personal belief) that you can save money when it comes to RSVPs by getting a personal wedding website and doing online RSVPs.

Meet: Sitting in a Tree

SittinginaTree_SSSitting in a Tree allows you to create a website for your wedding with all of the information guests may need for celebrating your big day! Not only can they RSVP via your personal website, but they can also look up your registry, get directions to the event and even check out beautiful photos you’ve posted. Their designs are diverse and modern and it’s highly unlikely you’ll find one that doesn’t match your existing wedding theme. The best part is you can try a 10-day free trial and if you don’t like it, there’s no commitment (they don’t even ask for a credit card until your trial period is over). RSVP cards, plus envelopes and address labels can cost over a hundred dollars, but services like Sitting in a Tree cost around $25/month and are a one stop shop for guests.

If you’re digital savvy and think your guests are too – I highly recommend online RSVPs, as they save time and money. However; if you’re more traditional and like paper RSVPs that’s perfectly okay too!


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