For my entire (not incredibly long) life I’ve been an addict of change. I love new places, new people, new hair styles, new- new- new- change. This ‘change addiction’ has never allowed me to stay in one place for very long, date one person for any length of time or stay focused on something for more than 2-minutes. I believe this need for constant change has been a crucial factor in my successes as a designer. I don’t silo myself into a certain type of design and I love working on different projects (whether it be for web, print, or packaging – the sky is the limit really). I received the latest copy of Designedge Canada today, which has completely undergone a re-design (which I quite honestly love – kudos!) and an excerpt from Mark Busse‘s (founding partner of Vancouver-based strategy, brand and marketing consultancy Industrial Brand) article on reinvention really resonated with me, so I thought I’d share:

No one reading this should be surprised that learning and change are a designer’s constant companion. But designers should recognize the value of major shifts of focus and the impact those experiences can have on careers and personal lives. One thing that I push myself to do—unless it is literally silly or impossible—is when asked to do something new and scary, I say, “Yes.” These opportunities often involve tremendous effort and are not financially rewarding, but the learning opportunities have been invaluable… Sure, not everyone is suited to saying yes to scary opportunities. Some folds quiety seek less dramatic career paths, and that’s okay. But it doesn’t negate the need to stretch, learn and evolve as the design industry (and the world) changes. Every time I dive into something new I emerge feeling smarter, stronger and happier.”


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