happiness & passion.

when i woke up early this morning. i wasn’t mad that it was early (it’s saturday after all – i should be sleeping in). i was comfy but eager. i was relaxed but inspired. i jumped out of bed “bright eyed and bushy tailed”.
i quickly got ready and drove out to the country to a clients beautiful home to drop off personalized stickers for candy bags for a wedding. upon handing her the bag full of goodies, she opened my traditional client thank-you card and she says to me, “it’s so nice to see that you’re so passionate about what you do.”
she nailed it on the head.

the leaves are changing and highway 45 is slowly turning into a spectacle of autumn-ness. i love fall – it’s my favourite season, so naturally a smile spread across my face and genuine happiness spread throughout my entire being. in my new anorak jacket (which makes it feel even more like fall) i picked up a coffee and headed to pick up some flowers for a photoshoot. with city and colour and the cinematic orchestra cranked i spent the morning arranging flowers and shooting thank-you postcards i’d designed for a client. all i kept thinking was, “i seriously could not be happier right now”.


my passion brings me so much happiness it’s kind of ridiculous. i could never be a singer, or a labourer, or a waitress because those things don’t permeate through every part of my existence.
my passion and true love is design and creativity. when i’m bored that’s what i go to. i take pictures of my food. i prop-style and photograph products i’ve created for clients. my room is entirely co-ordinated. my clothing emanates who i am – down to every detail. who i am radiates from everything i do. my passion is who i am.

believe it or not i wasn’t always comfortable with all of this creativity busting from my body. boyfriends (obviously now ex’s) have been known to stifle this (this is only a recent realization) so i tried to hide it and contain it, rather than embrace it. when your passionate about something, be passionate. wake up early and spend hours doing it. make it your job – have it be a big part of your life. when you’re passionate about something and happy – people can see it and it’s infectious.
be infectious.
be passionate.
be happy.


One thought on “happiness & passion.

  1. You truly are passionate !! Anyone that has the opportunity to work with you will see this instantly and appreciate your enthusiasm!

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