weddinspiration: hybrid wedding suite.

A lot of brides find themselves in a paradox; they want a wedding stationery suite that looks beautiful and professional, but they don’t want to pay the exorbitant costs associated with professional stationery packages. Being a wedding stationery designer and also a friend of those getting married I see both sides of the argument and I hear the pro’s and con’s lists loud and clear. Hands off vs. complete DIY. Letterpress vs. home printed template. When I first met with Ashley I totally understood where she was coming from – she wanted to save money on her wedding stationery suite, but she also wanted it to look amazing and be functional. She wanted what I like to call a ‘hybrid wedding suite’. She hired me to do the design elements, but used a templated suite of paper and envelopes, that she had purchased, to pull the entire thing together. I think it turned out beautifully and I wish her and her hubby-to-be best wishes, as they tie the knot this weekend!

IMGP5825_web IMGP5834_web IMGP5837_web  IMGP5839_web IMGP5841_web



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