baby shower invites. vegas style!

There are moments in your life that are meant to be celebrated and rejoiced and this is where I generally step in to help communicate the details of that celebration. The wedding industry isn’t as traditional as it once was and brides-to-be are veering away from traditional themes/ideas making my job as a designer more interesting. There are other celebrations; however, that haven’t taken that total leap from their traditional roots – case and point baby showers. Pink, blue and yellow. Duckies. Rattles. Men don’t even want to be around on the day to celebrate simply because it is such a feminine event to attend with all of the soft pastels and cute cartoon decor. With my cousin due at the end of January my aunt has already started the baby shower planning, but she wanted my cousins fiance (the daddy-to-be) and other male participants to be just as comfortable celebrating as us women are. Here are the invitations for my cousins baby shower. Not only are the invites awesome, but the shower is going to nothing short of amazing!

IMGP6363_web IMGP6368_web IMGP6369_web IMGP6372_web IMGP6375_web IMGP6379_web IMGP6380_web IMGP6381_web IMGP6383_web IMGP6385_web


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