drool worthy: kate spade desk accessories & stationery

Anyone who knows me (or works with me) knows that I like to nest. By nest I don’t mean in the normal way, but in the extreme stuff hanging from the ceiling, desk covered in knick-knacks kind of way. If it weren’t for my career choice of designer some would find it mildly unprofessional. Lucky for me I chose a career where having a boring desk is frowned upon. Also lucky for me Kate Spade has now invaded the ‘desk space’ and has come out with some of the cutest items to fill your work day. Normally I wouldn’t endorse a product, but once you see the ‘drool worthy line-up’ I’m sure you will agree these are must have stocking stuffers for the desk-decorator in your life (even if it’s you).


1. Silver Street ”Keep it Together” Paperweight
2. Brightspot Avenue iPad Sleeve
3. Pop Fizz Clink Holiday Card Set
4. Expletive Paper Clips
5. Eat Cake for Breakfast Mug
6. Patterned Erases


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