dear 2013.


dear 2013;

you taught me that sometimes something great has to fall apart so something even better can fall together. in my case someone had to leave my life and that simple action served as a massive catalyst for change.

you introduced me to yoga and allowed me to see how strong i really can be. it taught me that looking inward can have immediate results (and so can side plank – haha).

you brought my focus back to the things that really matter: friends and family. this landed my butt on the beach every sunday playing beach volleyball, where my family watched (and sometimes played) and my friendships grew. we spent weekends as a family on the boat – drinking and relaxing. it’s not surprising – a little sunshine can do a lot of good.

you pushed me creatively (surprise, surprise). i prop-styled my first photo shoot, was involved in the launching of a new consumer food and beverage magazine, was handed the reins to two trade publications and my freelance business grew in leaps and bounds. you’ve now pushed me into social media and online management where i can only continue to grow and learn.

you showed me that relationships aren’t always simple, but if you focus on the positive, and what you want, the outcomes (however big or small) can be amazing. always expect the unexpected, like 25 red roses on your 25th birthday.

you made me explore (in a storm no less) and my appetite for adventure grew. running down the beach in my bikini, in the worst thunder storm of the year, holding my bestfriends hand, thinking i’m going to die was exhilarating – you should try it sometime.

you helped me believe in love again. seeing my two bestfriends in amazing, loving relationships, taking on the world one renovation and new job at a time made me see that relationships aren’t one sided and that real love does exist. it also made me excited for the future. i’m not in a relationship now, but think of all the amazingness i have to look forward too (yes, amazingness is a word).

you brought my random, craziness back. whether it was through geocaching, having dance parties with my friends, dressing up as garth for halloween or just being an all around dork – it’s back – and it’s never leaving, ever again.

you got me out of my comfort zone. i got rid of my problem-ridden car, bought the SUV i’ve been drooling over for years and signed a lease on a beautiful brand-new condo in toronto.

you made me realize that if you do what you love, with people that you love, anything is possible. work hard and good things will happen. be patient. love yourself and never let anyone dull your sparkle.

i’m a huge believer that if you start off the year on a positive note, the rest of the year will fall in sync, so this NYE i just wanted to spend time with people i love doing something fun. my sister, her boyfriend and i headed up to a cottage in calabogie for snow tubing, drinks, board games and outdoor fires with a couple of friends. at the stroke of midnight we lit sparklers, counted down from 10 and screamed happy new year at the top of our lungs. needless-to-say i think 2014 is going to be an amazing year.


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