new adventures.

tree-lineDR2014 is the year of new adventures.
at the beginning of last spring when the weather began to change and cobourg started to come to life again – i thought that this is where i’d root myself. with wedding season on the horizon i was busier than ever doing invitations and wedding stationery. i looked into starting my own business and making it a full-time job/ownership. the one thing stopping me; however, was my growth and development as a designer. yes, i went to university and got a degree in media and yes, i had 3 years of full-time design under my hat, but i was only 24. most people don’t become creative director until their late 20’s/early 30’s and that’s after years of busting their ass and pushing themselves working for someone else. i felt that by starting my own company i’d be limiting myself. my role in the business wouldn’t wouldn’t be about designing (which is what i love to do) it’d be about running a business, accounting, business development and acquisitions. i’d become a creative director not because i had worked for and earned it, but because i owned the company. this idea went against everything i believe in as a person – i believe in working your ass off and earning your right to be on a masthead or to have credentials.

autumn rolled around and cobourg lost its summery lustre and charm and my commute to toronto grew to 3 and a half hours one way. while sitting in dead stopped traffic one day i finally asked myself, “what the hell are you doing?”. i put over a thousand kilometers on my car a week driving back and forth, i’m exhausted, i feel like i’ve aged five years in one year, i work 8 hours, drive 4+ hours and then do freelance for 3 hours once i’m home – i don’t have a life. i immediately posted on facebook that i was looking for a roommate.

within a week of deciding i was going to start looking for a roommate/apartment my boss presented me with the idea of making my role a hybrid between social media and design. i attended the CM1TO conference and connected with a ton of young professionals who all do the same thing as me – community management and online editing. i started to realize that toronto is the hub. it’s the hub for design, advertising, marketing, social media, publishing and a whole whack load of other components of this media industry i’ve called home for over 4 years. this is where i need to be to become the person that i dream of being.

so this is it – i’ve taken on a new adventure.
as of february 1st i am moving to toronto to whole-heartedly pursue my goal of becoming a creative director. i’m still going to do freelance design on the side and my focus will be clients in cobourg; however, my home base will be toronto. i’ll be back and forth a lot – i promise.. because lets face it – my heart will always reside in cobourg.


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