weddinspiration: modern letterpress.

i know i’ve said this before, but i’ll say it again – i’m so fortunate to have such amazing clients.

when i first met with lina (the bride-to-be) she had a vision for her wedding, a vision that started with a complete wedding stationery suite that was vintage and elegant, but with a modern look and feel. after talking with her (and getting a sneak peek at her pinterest wedding board) her vision really came to life for me.

one night (during the design brainstorming phase) lina, her fiance graham and i were sitting around their kitchen table deciding on envelope colours and discussing details for the invitations. lina had her laptop out and we were perusing ideas and looking for details that would make their invitations unique and personal. graham (who had been relatively quiet, while lina and i excitedly bantered back and forth) quickly interjected our conversation and put forth an idea that would end up being the perfect detail we were looking for. (see guys do have great ideas too!) needless to say i came away from that meeting probably happier (and more surprised) then i’ve ever been.. and these beautiful invitations were the result:

IMGP6699 IMGP6703 IMGP6713 IMGP6719 IMGP6726 IMGP6728 IMGP6729 IMGP6730 IMGP6736 IMGP6737 IMGP6745


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