weddinspiration: black & white save the dates.

i am inquisitive by nature. i’m pretty sure i was that kid who asked too many questions and i’m pretty sure my parents could only ever come up with answers to half of the questions i asked.
so when i asked my dad how he knew my mum was “the one” – the answer was so genuine it kind of blew me away. “she’s my bestfriend – everything is better when she’s around.” so on st. patrick’s day 2012 when my very close friend jess told me she was dating another childhood friend of ours tyler – this was the first thing that came to mind – bestfriends.

i remember the first time i saw “it” and by “it” i mean the spark. our bar nights had changed from wild nights we could barely remember to nights out with our significant others with cider instead of shots and jeans and boots instead of dresses and heels. jess and tyler were giggling to themselves, talking in funny accents, cracking inside jokes and being their normal selves and in that moment i thought to myself – this is the happiest i’ve seen jess in a long time.. and then my internal babble slapped me in the face and said – “holy shit – this is it!”

you can tell in everything that they do that they’re bestfriends. from adopting two beautiful dogs and renovating the house they bought together, to their shenanigans (sober and drunk!) they epitomize my dads answer – bestfriends.

IMG_4955_web IMG_4966_web IMG_4977_web IMG_4981_web IMG_5004_web

photography by brandon gray


One thought on “weddinspiration: black & white save the dates.

  1. Oh this is by far so amazing. YOU (JESS) have the best bf every, to write such an amazing blog about you.

    Trust me I never thought I would see the day that JONESY would “settle down”. I was shocked when I found out he was engaged. Did he know what that truly meant? I remember asking him and his answer was “When ya find the one ya gotta lock em down!”.

    Jess after meeting you at my wedding, I truly knew why Jonesy changed his mind about marriage. You are truly one amazing Gal that completes him!!! I can’t wait to see your magical day unfold.

    Though part of me is very sad that I know longer will get to spend my old age dancing on the speaker with Jonesy and our walkers. 😛 …


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