magazine design – YFM summer 2014.

338729-SUMMER 2014_selected-pages-1

As a full-time in-house designer the majority of my time is spent working on magazines. For the YFM (Your Foodservice Manager) Summer 2014 Edition our editor highlighted the ‘Best of Summer’ with a great round up of food service operators from across the country. My job with the photo direction was to capture what these food service operators were doing well and in the layout bring them all together in a consistent design. When you have multiple photographers shooting for the same story it makes it somewhat complicated so our in-house photographer was able to apply an effect to all of the photos to bring a consistent summery feel to all of the photography.

338729-SUMMER 2014_selected-pages-2

338729-SUMMER 2014_selected-pages-4


338729-SUMMER 2014_selected-pages-6


338729-SUMMER 2014_selected-pages-8


338729-SUMMER 2014_selected-pages-10



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